Designer: François Vivier

Building shipyard: Chantier Grand-Largue

With its appearance of a traditional wooden boat, the Bounty is a boat made of polyester inspired of the boats used during the boating’s "belle époque". This boat is the reflect of the Minahouët, a sail-rower built at about forty units by the Grand-Largue shipyard.

The Bounty offers to everyone the privilege to sail "a different way", a nautical pleasure reserved for too long to initiates.The boat is easy to rig and its use with a sail is really accessible to amateur sailors who are not aware of the traditional riggings.

Bounty is two boats in one
: either a dinghy with an outboard motor, or a sailing boat with the possibility to fit an outboard engine to its transom. The oars are available as an option in both cases for another way of navigation: rowing.

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